Ben Pfeffer | President

Ben helped found the Towson University Urban Farm and has since been involved in Baltimore City’s thriving urban farming community. In 2010, Ben traveled to Oregon to study vegetable farming in the fertile Willamette Valley with the University of Oregon and also interned with several skilled farmers in Southern Oregon. Colorado has been home for the past several years, where Ben apprenticed with a farm in Fort Collins and went on to manage Hope Farms in 2013.

Before founding Raisin’ Roots Farm in 2014, Ben worked with Denver Urban Gardens at the DeLaney Community Farm with a dedicated CSA program in the metro area. Ben is excited to continue serving the diverse community of Colorado’s Front Range. During the winter and occasionally during the growing season Ben does trim carpentry and home remodeling projects in the Fort Collins area. In his free time away from the veggie fields, Ben enjoys hiking and biking with his dog Raisin, reading a good book, listening to live music, meeting new people, and occasionally rock climbing or playing soccer.


Pat conrey | Vice president

RAISED IN LARIMER COUNTY, PAT HAS TRAVELED to many countries AND SERVED IN THE UNITED STATES NAVY. HIS experiences abroad left him with a fierce desire to build an exemplary regionalized food system in his home county. as a part-time student in agricultural sciences and part-time farm hand, he spends the remaining time volunteering for the alliance and reading books on food systems.


zoe finn | secretary

Zoe grew up in Massachusetts and started farming in 2013. She fell in love with the lifestyle, the smells, the hard work, and of course, the food. When she was not getting her hands dirty in the field, she was bringing produce to CSA members and customers at farmers markets in the greater Boston area. She truly believes that there is nothing better than seeing the food that you grow loved and appreciated by your community.

She left Massachusetts in 2017 and drove across the country, volunteering on farms along the way. Now, Zoe lives in Fort Collins and works for a biotech company which develops microbes that assist plants with nutrient uptake. She is thrilled to be working with the Larimer County Farmers Alliance so that she may connect with and advocate for farmers in the region and the nation. Besides farming, gardening and working, Zoe loves to read fiction, walk in our beautiful natural areas and neighborhoods, listen to podcasts, rock climb, and embroider.


Tianna Aliota | Treasurer

Tianna was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin and found her passion in farming shortly before graduating high school. Being a first generation farmer, she had taken time to work and gain knowledge through other sustainable farmers while traveling throughout the country. After permanently leaving Wisconsin to peruse farming full time in Colorado, Tianna found herself happily in Fort Collins, Colorado working at Raisin Roots Farm. She finds the most satisfaction out of farming when being able to meet face to face with the consumers of her sustainably grown produce and ethically raised meat. 

Tianna hopes to provide the same for others that LCFA has given her, an education on the local food system and connecting local producers with consumers and other local farmers. She was attracted to Fort Collins by the close community tie between farmers, chefs and community memebers and wants to keep that tradition going for future generations. When not working in the field or with the animals you can find Tianna making stained glass art, doing bead work, or running the nearest dirt trail.


Carolyn Fitzgerald | Membership and Outreach

Carolyn first developed her love for agriculture by spending time on her grandparent's farm in Western New York. She moved to rural Vermont to study agriculture and spent time traveling and meeting different types of farmers and farm operations. She completed her undergraduate degrees in Sustainable Agriculture and English from Green Mountain College. While in Vermont she worked on her school's organic farm, ran a community garden, and managed a food cooperative. She moved to Colorado to continue her agricultural work in a new bioregion. She was delighted to join LCFA in September 2018 and engage with a group of farmers and farm advocates in Larimer County. She currently works full time at Raisin' Roots Farm and enjoys being in production farming. When she's not farming, Carolyn enjoys reading and being outside. 


Ryan Salter | Campus Liaison

campus liaison Ryan hopes to reach out to students and the community to act as a resource and relay information readily. Currently He’s a full time undergrad student at CSU and is studying landscape design & horticulture. He has a desire to encourage smart sustainable farming, landscaping and personal health and well being in our communities and campus. Ryan enjoys reading, coffee, and a delicious microbrew. Sure, all at the same time.